How to Be More Decisive

Chris Brogan, CEO of Owner Media Group, says that a big chunk of your confidence comes from the ability to be decisive: to pick a course of action and move forward. Every time you’re around someone making a solid decision without a lot of hemming and hawing, you’re drawn to that person.

Chris shares five simple concepts to strengthen your decision making:

Match the decision to your map – does this event have anything to do with your goals and your chances of success? Be tangible on this one. “I might learn something” is a bad answer.  Ask, which choice keeps me true to my goals?

Get faster at risk assessment – what happens if you say yes and what happens if you say no? Will the investment of time and money map to your goals? And what will happen if it’s not what you need it to be? Ask, what’s going to go wrong here? Can I mitigate any of it?

Choose fast – procrastination never serves you. Never. Every time you put off making a decision, it’s because you’re not exercising your mental muscles in this area.  Ask, if I had only sixty seconds to choose, what’s the answer?

Learn to accept failures – if a decision turns out not to match your goals for some reason, do what you can to remember what went wrong. Maybe you didn’t prep enough. Maybe you didn’t ask enough questions ahead of time to match yourself to the choice.  If you’re in the wrong place, figure out why so you can learn for next time.  Ask, what will happen if this is a bad choice? What will I have to learn?

Correct and adapt quickly – maybe the event isn’t 100% what you wanted. Where’s the lemonade in this situation?  Ask, if I stumble, what keeps me moving forward towards my goals?

Constant Practice is the Key

The way to get more decisive is to practice at every turn. Learn how much better a “no” is than a “maybe.” Figure out what goes wrong when you choose quickly and mitigate whatever risks you can.

Now it’s time for you to look for really simple parts of life where you can practice being decisive.  

There you are. Steal this concept and start practicing it. Do it a hundred times.  You make THOUSANDS of decisions every day without thinking much about any of them.

Thoughts? Questions?  Please let us know how we can help you learn and practice how to make faster and better decisions more easily.

Are Your Team Members Busy or Productive?

A common pain point when we coach team members is an awareness they are ineffective at managing their time.  When we ask people to estimate how much of their day is focused on accomplishing their most important activities we routinely hear it’s only about 20-30%.  

OUCH!  Imagine the cost of this wasted effort and lost opportunity.  We’re not talking about how much of the day is spent being “busy.” Rather, it’s about how much of their time is spent performing the high-yield activities that drive performance and outcomes.

Why is this happening?  We’ve discovered that most employees have never been clearly informed of  their roles and the work outcomes they were hired to achieve, and the specific activities they must perform to drive those outcomes.  They also don’t have methods of measuring their performance, and are not being held accountable.

What’s the opportunity?   Our trained and certified professionals will help you get clear on your organizational vision, direction and goals.  We’ll then help you translate those goals into actionable activities your team members must perform to achieve those goals.  Next we’ll add systems for measuring performance and accountability.

How complicated will this be?  Fortunately, not at all.  The lack of clarity is not the result of complexity.  Rather, it’s the result of simply not having done the work to create the clarity.  Also, business owners are usually not trained to do this kind of work, and that’s where Leininger, Ltd steps in to help you get there.

The result?  You’ll have greater clarity and focus, resulting in higher levels of goal attainment with less stress.  Sound too simple to be true?  Absolutely not!  This process is time-tested and has been proven to work again and again, and that’s our commitment to you.

Mental Training and Preparation for Peak Performance

It’s a well-known and scientifically proven fact that nearly all high performing athletes use mental rehearsal, imagery and visualization to wire the neural networks in their brains to perform at the highest levels of performance.  

Athletes also use relaxation and breathing techniques to remain calm and think positively.  Remember, “You become what you think about most of the time,” so it’s absolutely vital your ongoing repetitive thought patterns support your success rather than detract from it.

What isn’t so well-known – yet is equally scientifically proven – is these same mental training techniques are now being used to increase performance in the business arena by owners and team members alike. 

During our work with hundreds of business owners over the past 25+ years we’ve discovered that achieving your dreams and goals is first and foremost about who you must become as an individual to achieve at these higher levels.  Without an improvement in your thought processes, habits, self-awareness, and belief patterns you are most likely doomed to repeat your past results.

In other words, despite sincere desire and repeated attempts, levels of work performance rarely increase without first improving mental training and preparation.

We at Leininger, Ltd are both trained and experienced at implementing these vital skills with our clients.  When implemented properly and with our professional guidance, these techniques can lead to astonishing increases in success and quality of life.

Please contact us to explore how this is possible for you and your team.  We’d be honored to help you and your team move from good to great performance!

Strategic Plans vs. the Planning Process

Winston Churchill famously stated that, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”  What did he mean, exactly?   Business leaders often don’t understand this vital distinction and ignore planning altogether … a big mistake that comes with a price tag.

In an article in, Graham Kenny explains that, “Managers often expect that by doing the work of creating a plan the world is converted from uncertain to certain.  In their eyes the strategic plan becomes a device for control rather than one of guidance.”

Expecting the marketplace to conform to our plans is a hopeful idea, but it doesn’t work that way.  Rather, strategic plans are a work in progress we use to guide operational decisions in an unpredictable environment.

In the planning process we take action, get feedback, adjust the plans, take more action, get feedback, adjust the plans, and so on.

See the difference?  We create strategic plans to determine big picture direction, allocate resources, and align teams to prepare us to take action.  We then use the planning process to guide our day-to-day actions and create accountability as we drive for results.

We recommend revisiting your strategic plan against results at least monthly to ensure the business is on track.   If you don’t you run the risk of becoming busy rather than effective, the easy path to losing direction and focus.

Question:  Do you need to revisit your strategic planning?  If so, we’d be pleased to guide you in a straight-forward, simple yet effective process to keep you moving towards your goals.

The Purpose of Business Advisory and Coaching

There’s often confusion surrounding the purpose for business advisory and coaching.  Let’s clear that up.

Our Mission:  We provide tailored services to owners and their teams who are serious about improving business results, team performance, and quality of life.

We do this by enhancing personal performance, maintaining focus and drive, building structure, fostering passion and momentum, and bringing out the best in people.

The result:  Empowering people to break free and thrive in business and life!

Business Advisory:  Defining the most beneficial vision and direction for the business, and developing goals, strategies, structure, metrics, and actions to achieve the planned results.

Business Coaching:  Ongoing assistance to drive long-term implementation and success.

Strategy is certainly important, but Failure to Implement stops most plans from being implemented.  That’s precisely why our # 1 focus is helping you and your team do whatever it take to achieve your goals.

Business Coaching is NOT:  Remedial services rendered to overcome flaws in low performers. People often equate coaching with weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s time to recognize coaching for helping people perform at their highest levels. In fact, the very best performers in all walks of life usually have strong relationships with coaches. 

 If you are ready to improve team performance and achieve your goals we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.  We’re confident we can help!