Determination Overcomes Doubt

Determination is when desire is stronger than doubt.  Determination is when we expect with confidence and believe with conviction that we will prevail somehow when we stay the course and do the work at hand.

Doubt is common, and impacts us all in some form or another.

Some doubt is OK, but it’s essential that your determination and confidence are stronger than your doubt.  Unchecked doubt will slow or prevent you from achieving your goals and intentions.  Doubt unnecessarily becomes a limiting factor that inhibits your level of accomplishment.  Ouch!

Where does doubt come from?  It’s a normal subconscious reaction to uncertainty.  It arises when we may have previously been unsuccessful at something, or when trying something new.

How can we gain more confidence?  For starters, it’s vital to remember that doubt is strictly a byproduct of your thinking, and is therefore not something outside of you.  Because it’s your thinking that’s creating the doubt, you always have the power inside you to begin thinking more confident thoughts instead!

You can only hold one thought in mind at a time, so the next time you find yourself thinking doubtful thoughts, choose to begin thinking confident thoughts instead.  I realize this might sound simplistic, but once you learn to take control of your own thinking you harness the power of your mind.  Determination becomes stronger than doubt.

People often say to me, “Coach, I can’t control my thoughts.”  I ask them, “Have you stopped to consider who’s thinking your thoughts?”  YOU ARE, so it’s time to gain power over your most powerful resource …. your mind.  Mental training is an essential skill that will help you achieve more with less effort.

If you need to build more confident and positive thought patterns, please contact us for resources to help you get started.   We’re certain you will quickly make progress.


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