The Purpose of Business Advisory and Coaching

There’s often confusion surrounding the purpose for business advisory and coaching.  Let’s clear that up.

Our Mission:  We provide tailored services to owners and their teams who are serious about improving business results, team performance, and quality of life.

We do this by enhancing personal performance, maintaining focus and drive, building structure, fostering passion and momentum, and bringing out the best in people.

The result:  Empowering people to break free and thrive in business and life!

Business Advisory:  Defining the most beneficial vision and direction for the business, and developing goals, strategies, structure, metrics, and actions to achieve the planned results.

Business Coaching:  Ongoing assistance to drive long-term implementation and success.

Strategy is certainly important, but Failure to Implement stops most plans from being implemented.  That’s precisely why our # 1 focus is helping you and your team do whatever it take to achieve your goals.

Business Coaching is NOT:  Remedial services rendered to overcome flaws in low performers. People often equate coaching with weakness, but nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s time to recognize coaching for helping people perform at their highest levels. In fact, the very best performers in all walks of life usually have strong relationships with coaches. 

 If you are ready to improve team performance and achieve your goals we’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you.  We’re confident we can help!

The Winner’s Edge

Have you heard of the success principle called The Winner’s Edge?  This principle states that small differences in ability often translate into big differences in results.

How does this apply in business?  The salesperson who wins the sale is often just a little better at selling than the second place person, but winning the sale makes all the difference in the world.  Finishing first results in a sale, while finishing second results in … nothing.  The employee who gets the promotion may only be a little better than the person who doesn’t.  The leader of a peak performing team may only be a little better at motivating their team.  You get the point.

How can you put this principle into action?  Begin by identifying the key skill necessary for your success or advancement, make a plan for improvement, and then spend a little time each week improving upon this key skill.  That’s it.  It sounds simple because it is, but it may have a profound impact on your level of success.

Question:  What is the most important skill you could begin improving today?  Make a plan for improvement and commit 100% to getting a little better every week until you’ve mastered the skill.  Practice this principle for one year and you will be amazed at how much more effective you have become.